June 7, 2010

Cowboy Up

My cowboy and I are back from vacay. It was most amazing.


Slept in every single day
Laughed with Judy about childhood stories
Had awesome hashbrowns at IHOP
Learned how to use the Footprint app
Took turns driving (though he did take over on the way home, all chivalrous and stuff)
Car-danced to the Hollywood Undead
(I) Met his brother for the first time
Had a lot of Mexican food
Stood FOUR FEET from Brad Paisley wailing on his guitar
Teared up listening to love songs
Teared up telling stories
Teared up being honest and letting honest in
Held hands for about 40 hours
Had 2 shots after a Mudhens Baseball game
Drove 1,685 miles
Listened to Brian Wilson
Fell more in love
Had sashimi for the first time
(He) Fought off 2 attack horses and endured friendly interrogation from BeckAY (he so totally passed)
Missed 2 tornados and severe devastation by HOURS (Judy and the kids are fine, in case you've been watching the news)
Finally had a real, actual and for-true shoot before the concert, wherein I learned that B can actually be a little shy when I'm looking through the lens... but he promised to practice anytime I want...

And honestly? I will need hours and hours of practice staring at this. Perfecting the way I adore him. The smile, the gruff, the eyes... and oh holy shit, the hat. I was a puddle of mess, People.

Awesome outtake.

Hmpf. Totally said something stupid and made him laugh. Got You Where I Want You, Babe.

Dang I love this cowboy.

And Dear B: Thank you doesn't cover what it meant to stand, holding your hand, Back Where We Were From. I love you doesn't cover what is in my heart or head for you anymore at this point. I would throw myself in front of a turbo orange beetle for you. Thank you for trusting me behind my lens and looking me in the eyes while I captured the beautiful you that I see. And I adore that you couldn't wait to see me at lunch today, just to spill about your morning... you called me your best friend this weekend and you meant it. Hit me in the heart, Smalls. Know what else? You standing beside the staircase today and saying,"y'all" twice? Yeah, that more than doubled the love in my heart for you. Just like when I wiped your bogey the other day. That is the real deal.


  1. You are so cute! I'm so glad you had fun. The real fun has just begun! Your cowboy is adorable.

  2. these photos are just killing me...gotta love that cowboy! so glad your trip was a success, we knew it would be, and glad you're back home safe and sound :)

  3. The anticipation was killing me on when ya'll would be back and what ya'll did. I was prayin for a safe return and of course waiting on details! Whoohooo for you!!!!