June 17, 2010


Photo via Ali Edwards

I want to do this. Somewhere. Laundry room, hallway, entry... somewhere. Easy enough to do up the bordered squares in PSElements and print at Walmart. Couple of those are scrapbook layouts, too - can you see them? Way freaking cool.

Speaking of scrapbook layouts, guess what I did last week?! I had 50 prints made. As in, to scrap. [GASP.]

While the kids are gone, I should have done all sorts of things: scrap, finish Trevor's quilt, start on Andy's quilt, paint the boys' room, paint Moo's room... see? Tons of things to be done. Except, this time, I didn't pack myself full of productivity makers. I am just living. Enjoying. I've never been on my own for this long... it's nice, actually.


  1. Re-charging...it's so nice isn't it :-)

  2. Re-charging...it's so nice isn't it :-)

  3. I am just like your last paragraph. When the husband is gone for the day or evening I have so many things I want to get done but all I really do is relax. I don't ever seem to do it when he is home or I am working so my time is so so nice.

    I hope you are enjoying it. You deserve it!

  4. I too just had about 50 prints made! From a trip we took THREE years ago! Getting it done.. getting it done...