June 11, 2010

Forever In Blue Jeans

Yesterday was a unique day. Can't put my finger on it, but it was odd all around. Good odd. Just unique enough to grab our attention so that we could savor the day as it passed by. I think part of it is the continued realization of our lives clicking together more and more, of our love growing some really deep roots... some days you just feel it.

Work was brutal and thick. Coarse, like swimming upstream. Homeboy is gaining more responsibility and with that comes a bigger headache. But he started the day with a men's Bible study, so his heart was full and his head was clear and ready for the challenge when the day began.

I drove to pick him up before dinner and couldn't settle on what music to listen to. Over and over I changed CDs, shuffled my discs until I landed on Neil Diamond. B told me once that "Forever In Blue Jeans" made him think of me, so I chose that song. The disc started to play just as I turned into his driveway. B was waiting for me outside and walked to the passenger side with a awe-struck look on his face. He opened the door and grinned so big. He proudly held up his phone, upon which was YouTube, playing "Forever In Blue Jeans" by Neil Diamond. On a whim he wanted to hear it and think of me, he had said. We wallered around in that moment for a while. So cool.

Dinner with his family was lovely. We shared a meal... ordered one thing and split it. Shared. Sat nearly on top of each other at the table. I mean, we were absolutely respectable, but so stinking obvious - our arms crossing each other, both of us holding on to the other's knee. At one point, he put his head on my shoulder. Kissed me on the cheek. We laughed. Talked with his sister and mother and daughter. Made plans to get together with them as 6 peeps. You know, I have never once been nervous with them. Really. Not ever even once. I've only ever just been ME. Such a satisfying feeling.

Back at my house, we danced in the kitchen. Then B wrote a poem for me. I thought of sharing it here (and he implied that I could) and maybe I will one day. But for now, it is all mine. Tucked away in my heart to hold with precious care. His eyes teared up as he wrote, as he talked. And then I read it and told him he had amazing "game." Dude doesn't even try and he has me in the palm of his hand. I was so touched.

We talked about God a lot. I love it when we talk about God a lot. God and Bible study, God and our story, God and how wonderfully included in our relationship He is. How He is guiding us. He is in charge. Talked about a Bible verse he'd read. We faced our Death Dot (that fear that creeps in from past relationships, consumes you just long enough to know what you never want to take for granted).

We stared into each others eyes and kissed each others hands a lot. Such a good, good day. But different.

And did you know that "Forever In Blue Jeans" is a beautiful way to tell someone that your priority is not money or work or fame or anything else, but only them? See what I mean? Dude doesn't even try...


  1. oh girl your love is definitely 'heaven sent'...and your posts always make me smile :)

  2. your love story is amazingly beautiful!