June 14, 2010

The Hat Which Is Most Dangerous

Don't ask me what I said that made us laugh. It's our secret.

Word of advice: be careful when you go in for a kiss when your dude is wearing a cowboy hat.

I advise holding up the brim and aiming for the lips.

And then, much nuzzling.

PS: These shots from our weekend make me think of a few things. LOVE (that one was obvious, I know), our matching blue shirts, the hat which is most dangerous, and camera shake. I am either going to have to teach new friends how to eliminate camera shake on the Droid or (my favorite) fly Lulu here to (meet B) shoot the camera (meet B) for us. And also, to MEET B.

Ugh. I miss you, Lulu!


  1. camera shake or not, you two are just so cute! man I love a guy in a cowboy hat :)

  2. Is there really even a question?! My bags are packed!

  3. I like the fuzzy picture's, it leaves more to the imagination!