June 24, 2010

I Mean Business

Yesterday, I bought running shoes for myself. I made an investment in my health and overall life balance. These shoes fit so well they might be my most favorite shoes ever. B and I went after work. I tried on 10 pairs (I didn't keep track, B did - to tease me later). The Mizuno Wave Precision 11's were the last ones I tried on and I loved them.

I am still doing about 2.5 miles per run. More than I ran before, but I want to get up to 5 in time. B and I run together a lot; there is something deeply HEALTHY about having that time together. We are planning the 5K Run For His Glory in September. It's a run to benefit the LifeLight Christian Music Festival here. The run is on the festival grounds and the bands play during (little bit of running to Lincoln Brewster and Remedy Drive, heck yeah!).

And if I'm back from Ethiopia in time, this:

So I have made the habit (GLORY!). I got the shoes. I am signing up for races to push myself. Clearly I mean business!

And Dear B: Yesterday was important. Thank you for trusting me and letting me in. You will never be alone. Not only is the big JC always with you, so too is my love. Knuckles all in, Batman.

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