June 29, 2010

Lots And Nothing

There are a lot of things swimming through my brain right now. Your lipstick stains on the front lobe of my left side brains... Sorry. I'm telling you, lyrics run through my head all the time. Anyway.

The kids are getting settled. For the most part, they are reacclimating well enough. There are moments where I need to remind the two bigs about who runs the roost, and inform them that yes - there ARE rules at our house, but they are few. It is wonderful to cook dinner for them again. [I am looking forward to cooking for 6!] So glad to have them back for a few weeks before they leave for their dad's again. [Why the two visits? Because of Moo's age, we thought it best to break up the long summer visit into two parts this year. Next year, we can do the long 6 week visit all at once.]

B and I are good. Rockin' awesome good. So good that we are making plans. I'm still going to protect those plans for now and not share just yet, but we're making them. Wholeheartedly. I promise to share soon. Point being, it has me thinking.

Still MUST have some pictures taken.

First things I thought of when I saw this next photo? P-Dub's livestock photos. My leather couches. This is Da Plains you know. I would totally rock some B&W horses on my wall. And you bet with B being Mr. Horticulture, I will absolutely have plants allovertheplace soon. Which I love.

[Nope, not the baby. Nobody get any ideas about THAT.] Love the iron bed and the quilt. The quilt is why I nabbed this photo of Nettie's. I have several quilts to make: for us (finish Trevor's), for Andy (finish Trevor's), for Moo (finish Trevor's), and for H (oh yes, that is a new initial isn't it...)... though our girls may share a quilt.

And the baskets in this kitchen. I love the open, under-counter storage. The fresh colors with the earth tones.

So yeah. Hmmm. Lots to say and nothing at the same time.

*Sources properly credited on my Tumblr.

And Dear B: How I treasure our evenings of gazing, laughing, and listening to music. I love watching you continue to fall in love with my kids; last night was the full routine as 5. It was the bomb! And I love that you provided me a report of the new HD channels you have and included the Contemporary Christian radio station. You so know me.


  1. love, love, love...and maybe you should add a bigger quilt to that list too eh? :-)

  2. so happy to hear the kids are back home for a bit! I have to tell you that every time I'm out and hear the 'halo' song when I'm out and about I stop, smile and say a prayer for you and B.