June 26, 2010


Right. So Mabel grew up by like 5 years while she was gone. All of them did, but she... she is BIG.

(As a tangent, please let me tell you that the purple & green Adidas tennies that B got her were too small when she tried them on; I exchanged them on Sunday for a SIZE 10. For my two year old. That is all.)

Here is Moo demonstrating her vocal skills by singing her ABC's. This is on the way through Iowa. It's boring in Iowa. Beautiful, but boring. And you must turn your head sideways to see it (sorry). Bring on the ABC's!


  1. Glad the kiddos are HOME SAFE with you..sounds like this experience has been a positive growth experience for you and Mr. Hot. When Mabel is wearing a size 3 (next year??) we will have to mutually agree on what you purchase for her footwear, as I will be inheriting them, lol!!!

  2. Such a joy to be blessed with such kids!!!

  3. thank goodness you told me to turn my head, thought she was riding upside down :) so sweet!