June 15, 2010


Love The Schultzes

Did you know that good couples' photography will run you over $2,000? If you want super awesome, you're paying over $5,000. It is especially frustrating knowing, KNOWING I could shoot the same shots myself for free. If I could perfect the shooting and posing at the same time part. I picked the wrong career path I think, sometimes. Geez.

Hmmm. Maybe one day.

So. I feel scatterbrained today. I would like to ask for some prayer for that, actually. A coworker noticed this morning that I was a bit... grouchy (very unusual pour moi). So we read the Bible together. A verse from Malachi, a bit of Hebrews, and into Joshua. Oh, how I love the book of Joshua. Perfect for when you want to throw on some arrows and kick someone in the ass. And of course, beautiful B and I went to lunch where he made me feel much better with his listening, his eyelashes and soft kisses in the parking lot.

Today I wish I could go home and mow my lawn. Run a couple miles and then mow my lawn. About the running, I'm being lazy. But I can't mow because it's rained so much the ground is too soggy. Instead, I'm driving to B's to make spaghetti dinner and enjoy a nice glass of Pinot as we unwind about our work day. I love that we share that.

Also? The Book of Eli is out and we're a'watchin' that tonight, too! SUPER PSYCHED about that.

Enough rambling. And cute yellow shoes up there.

And Dear B: Today I love you. More than yesterday and less than tomorrow. Did I tell you how great you look in red? Did I also tell you that, when we are walking through the halls at work all professional-like and bump elbows it sends a jolt of electricity through me? Can't wait to share your kitchen tonight. I plan on kissing you repeatedly. Hope you don't mind.

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  1. Praying for your scatterbrainedness...I have that quite a bit myself these days. About the couples photography...surely you can find something less spendy! Too bad you don't live in my part of Texas. I know a gal who takes pretty awesome photogs and just charges $95 for the session and gives you the cd to get the prints yourself (after she edits, etc). Maybe you could look for something like that. Hope you find something! :)