June 26, 2010

Thanks Be To God, They're Back

It's late. I just finished a snack, folded a basket of laundry, and kissed B goodnight as he left. Upstairs, my three are finally sound asleep.

They came back smelly and with furry teeth. There were, however, smiles on those three little faces when they saw us.

Which means, yes. B met Shoes. Oh yes he did. Walked right up and shook his hand. It was awkward, but it is the next step. Had to happen. And I couldn't be happier that B and I did this wholly important thing today.

Tomorrow, the kids and I will pick up B and go to church. They haven't been in a month. I can't wait to see them there with us... for a month we've gone alone. Can't wait to shout God's praises again for their safe return. He is good. All the time.

And Dear B: Another road trip with you, one that involved some very important conversation. Thank you for always being there, for holding my hand and being so wonderful. Knuckles, Baby. That's spelled with two K's. Oh, and yes. We sat beside Kurt Warner, which was super cool.


  1. So glad they are home safe. I love how your blog is becoming a little set of love notes to your B - it's like that love wall in the new film Letters to Juliet (or what ever it's called.) x

  2. that man is amazing! so happy he was there to support you :)