June 25, 2010

Travel Prayer Request

Isn't B cute while driving? Maverick, I tell you. I snapped this while driving back to Where We Were From almost a month ago.

It's time to hit the road again. Tomorrow, the kids come home from their dad's. We'll meet at the halfway point at 1pm and then drive back to Da Plains with them in tow. I'd love your prayers for safe travel for everyone and a happy exchange. And please, God, let the rubberband of dad's-house-to-mom's-house NOT be a disaster or lengthy in any way.

Thanks, Folks. I'll blog again after I wade through the laundry that is certain to accompany them.

And Dear B: Last night we wrote a note that I want to look at in 20 years. I love the K.

1 comment:

  1. Prayers going up right now for safe travels and a great exchange with the kids! Can't wait to see pics of them and maybe hear some of their stories! B IS super georgous!Enjoy your time! GOD BLESS!!!!