July 24, 2010

Deja Vu, Shoes

So this sucks. Shoes cancelled the visit. B was at the house when he called; we'd just tucked the kids in to bed so we could get them up at 5am.

Shoes talked to Trevor first. Then, Andy. He told them he wasn't taking them and that was it. Trevor laid in a sobbing lump under my arms while Andy ran downstairs and jumped in B's lap.

So, we got all 3 of them up again and put in a movie. B wrestled with them and loved on them and Trevor came downstairs to join in. He was super happy that he was given permission to say "pissed off" as often as he wanted. Because he was pissed.

Trevor and B had a moment when I left to go get ice cream.

It was a sad night until we made it a happy one. God saw this coming. And He saw fit to make sure B was there to help turn it happy.

I am not pleased to have a repeat performance from last year. I am incredibly irate that my children are hurting because of that man. But, God doesn't make mistakes. I am beyond grateful to have them for the rest of the summer. God knew they should be here, apparently.

That's all for tonight. Thank you for your continued prayers.


  1. So sorry for your kids. Sounds like they were looking forward to more time with their dad. His loss, big time. I'm glad you guys were able to distract the kiddos. They know they are loved, but disappointment is so hard for little ones. They'll be fine. Try not to worry and just enjoy those little buggers. ;) The teen years are a comin'!

  2. BessiemaeJuly 24, 2010

    What an a**. How do you do that to your kids?? Good for you for building a wonderful life for them that will nurture and sustain them through their disappointments.

  3. I'm so sorry Rachel. Praying for you all and please give your sweeties a hug from Texas.

  4. Shithead and prayers for ya'll. Well I don't think that should go in the same sentence but you know what I mean. And thank GOD for B! It's better off this way. Ya'll are going to have a blast as "6" a few more times this summer! I'm praying for your childrens disapointments and shoes. Cause of everyone he IS the one needing the prayers. Stay strong. Mucho love~Erin! BTW I have been LOVING the pics!!!

  5. I know that your heart is hurting, because no matter how we-as ex's feel about our ex's the children still love them- because you and I have taught them about kindness, and love, and grace. Eventually, the wide eyed trust of him WILL wear out. It took me a very long time to realize I was better off without my own father in my life. What hurts the most is their hurting,... I always feel like "You can treat me like that all yu want b/c I am an adult but yu can't treat kids like that at all!" I am gladd that your B was there for All of you.

  6. My heart is hurting for your kids. But also for their father - how much fear he must be carrying in his heart. I will be praying for you all.

  7. All I can say is, I agree with you about it being meant to be this way.

    Shoes is a schmuck. Probably selfish or maybe wanting to cramp your plans, but he is only hurting himself in the end. I've been through it too with my ex.

    It is wonderful that you were able to turn it around right away. Don't even mention it again. Just carry on and make summer a blast for them.

    PS - if you want to know "THE trick" to getting rid of the pacifiers easily, email me. It totally works and it will seem like her idea.

  8. I'm a blog lurker but I wanted to encourage you and let you know that you and your children are being lifted up in prayer. You are certainly right, God's ways are perfect! There is a reason your children need to be with you. That doesn't negate the pain your children feel or you feel for them. Good job turning a bad situation into something positive! You are an awesome mom. Thanks for sharing your life with us!