July 13, 2010

How To Get Rid Of A Binky

Be still my heart.







Turn her upside down.

Moo is still 2. Still 2 is okay in terms of pacifier usage, I think. But her birthday is looming. Looming because a) she(thinks she)'s going to be 10, and b) the binky is going bye-bye.

For now, B just tickles and tips. Works every time.


  1. My oldest daughter is the only one out of the three that had a pacifier.. it was shaped like the platex nipples.

    Anyway, one day I saw it was cracked at the base, and I told her it wasn't good to use anymore, and she through it away. Never asked for it again.

  2. I remember my oldest son had a pacifier, in order to make him feel more in controll of giving it up I slowly began to cut the rubber sides of it over time, making it smaller and smaller...eventually he discarded it. Much less trauma than taking it away :)

  3. A friend of ours put it inside a build a bear. The only problem, the kid took scissors to the bear to get at the pacifier....yikes!!

  4. We tried everything! Cold turkey, "the dog ate them all", the fairy, the "re-gift to needy kids," cutting the tip (she said it was broken and threw it outside to the dog!) BUT we finally did it this month!! I'm so excited. What did it take? The miracle of Toy Story! She took her passy with her to Walmart (in her mouth) picked out a Toy Story figure - Jesse. She had to give the cashier her passy to pay for Jesse. She asked for it at bedtime for a couple of nights but we reminded her that she traded it for Jesse. She would then go find Jesse and go to sleep. The trick was to replace the passy with something else she could sleep with at night and nap time. She carries that doll EVERYWHERE! I don't care as long as there isn't a passy in her mouth!
    (We have used this trick again for staying in her own room at night and she got Woody. We were a family bed family until baby #2 arrived.)