July 5, 2010

WANT: Story of Summer Minibook

With all thanks to Ali Edwards for sharing and Molly Irwin for doing, I am reposting this here as a way to give myself a heave in the ass to do this fantastically awesome 4x6 mini book!

Summer Senses cards for download here (courtesy of Molly, of course - do you read her blog? You should; I do daily!). I am more inclined to grab 3 or 4 of my favorite shots from each month and do some companion journaling. This has been, after all, the summer my life changed entirely. I need to tell that story. I know I blog it every day, but I would love to touch it and feel it with my fingers how wonderful every day is now.

And Dear B: Seriously an amazing weekend. Fireworks in so many places. Thank you! And yes, metal colander heading your way, Baby.

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  1. This reminds me of the thankfulness journal you made. That was also a beautiful piece of work!