August 16, 2010

Caramel Corn For One

Today was a big day.

Wait, let me back up.

This weekend was huge. Well, really it was ordinary. But it felt huge because it was all of us doing routine everyday things, as 6. All four of the kids played well. Bryon spent some quality time with the boys. I had some awesome quality time with H. We started cleaning up his house and we started cleaning up my house. We cooked meals for all 6 of us all weekend long. I realize that may seem strange to celebrate, but I am in love with the everydayness of it. I made Andy's birthday cake (yes, it's this Wednesday!) in B's kitchen.

We made some important family decisions as 6.

One evening I laid my hand on Bryon's chest and I could feel his heart beating there. I was overwhelmed at once. I'm not sure why because I've felt his heartbeat many times before, but this time I remembered laying alone in my bed at my mom's house and wondering if I'd ever feel a man's strong heartbeat under my palm ever again. I guess I suddenly realized that I was finally feeling that heartbeat - full of love for me and my kids - now, and plan on feeling it for the rest of my life.

When he grabbed my hands last night to pray, the tears started to roll. I am so incredibly blessed. How did he find me? How did he finally find me? How is it that he was looking for me while I was looking for him?

Today was... well, today was important for reasons that I will explain on another day. And because so many of you are pestering me about some certain announcement, I will say that query was not officially made. So keep your bloomers on. It was important for different reasons.

And Dear B: Thanks for taking it like a man when our friend brought you a cup of water today to put your hair out. Classic. Please know that I am eating an entire bag of caramel corn right now, wishing you were here to share it with. And maybe so I could pick on you about the hair on fire thing, too. [Kidding! Please say I can still set your hair en fuego when we're 80?]


  1. This is better than tv or a good book!! I love our love story, yes I said "our" because I feel like I am apart of it. Its such a blessing and honor to have read you from way back when to where you are today. Many prayers from a stranger to now my blog friend!! So, happy for the 6 of you!!

  2. I love this- Rachel you give me hope and I've started praying for my man too- not that I have ANY clue where he is but that wherever he is- that he is alright and I send him love in my heart.