August 27, 2010

Das Braids

Random fact about me: I had long (think: Pippy) braids in my hair every single day from age 4 until the 4th grade. This was partially because of upkeep and partially because my father would have been distraught if I cut my hair. My hair was past my bahookey for my entire childhood. Until 4th grade (did I already say that?) when I made Dad a deal. If I made the honor roll, I would be allowed to cut my hair. Dude should have had more faith in my brilliance because you'd better believe I got straight A's and lopped my hair at my shoulders. It was LIBERATING.


Where was I? Oh yes. The apple doesn't fall far, Peeps.

[Nana, you should prepare yourself right now.]

Hey, Moo Moo.

I see you have braids in your hair today.


Yes, I see whateveritis outside. Come here and let Mama take your picture. Nana will want to see your braids. Your first ever braids. So precious. You're so pretty, Moo.


Hey, wait, don't... EWWWWW.


Well, whatever you do, just don't eat... EWWWWW!!!!


Mabes! No! That's something the boys do! GRODY!


Yeah. You're a stinker all right. You and your braids. Braids and boogers, I guess.


1 comment:

  1. WAaayyyyyYYY too cute those braids. And the child... Glad to see she's all over that vomit-on-the-shoes/floor thingy....
    You sure have yourself the cutest three littlest kids, ever! Next to my three big kids, that is...