August 13, 2010

Doing Him A Favor

I haven't gotten past the title and I'm already blushing. I'm not sure where to start with this one. And some of you are going bring up your breakfast, I'll bet. So, fair warning.

I love so many things about Homeboy. Everything, actually. His soul and heart and personality- 1000%. But, I can no longer hide from you the fact that I also very much love the beautiful body all of that important stuff walks around in every day.

It has been said multiple times that Bryon's arms are fantastic.

His hiner isn't too shabby either.

Judy can tell you that he smells terrific.

And his eyes make me swoon and want to throw my panties on stage (well, if he were an actual rockstar).

And while he is a tremendously responsible and good man, B absolutely has a naughty streak. And I LOVE it. This naughty streak caused him to party it up in high school (THAT is an understatement), shoot everything in sight just because he's from Da Plains and has a license to be a hunting bad-ass, and have so many stories of teenage bad boy mahem that I can't hardly keep my panties on (if he were an actual rockstar, I mean).

And help me Rhonda, sometimes he is naughty and bossy. I hate it when he's bossy (Crap. I'm a terrible liar, aren't I?)

To say that we have chemistry would be an outright lie because what we have is far, FAR more than amazing chemistry. I have never found anyone who fits me so completely and perfectly ever. Every moment is like electricity and when he reaches out his hand and touches me... ZAP. I just plain die. Our first official date involved five HOURS of kissing me goodnight. Just kissing... but FIVE HOURS. We simply couldn't let go. Like we were seventeen again.

Now, I realize that my mother and my Carmen read this blog, but I have to say that making out with this man is cruel and glorious at the same time. The feeling is mutual because just last week he told me that I set his hair on fire. Might be the best compliment ever.

I'm blogging all of this as a favor to him. He's all cool with the blog, you know. I think the naughty inside likes seeing his name in lights.

So last night as we were making out like a couple of (wise and responsible) teenagers, he said to me, "Do me a favor? Blog this shit."

What can I say? I do what I'm told. Especially if the boss has eyes like this.


  1. LMBO! I loved this post! And MOO! WOW she is so BIG! I'm so thrilled that you two are so happy... I'm just waiting on the announcement! LOL I wanna C U 2 get married. It's a match made in HEAVEN!God Bless

  2. I think that's the first time we've seen his full name! He must be sticking around! x