August 23, 2010

New Plan

Well, I was all set to have a productive Monday. All set to get up early, get the kids up early for the first day of school, all set to stop and get a nice cup of coffee...

Until Mabel threw up on my feet this morning.

Sigh. So the boys are at school, I had to take the day off, and Mabel is on the couch with her stuffed horse.


I have big plans. Let's see if I can blow through them:

  • Ironing
  • Digital scrapbooking
  • Research on winter vacay in the Black Hills
  • NAP


  1. Oh bless her, I hope she's feeling better soon (and you've managed to get the smell of puke out of your shoes!) x

  2. Oh no, that's awful! I hope she feels better soon. Have fun scrapbooking, at least!