August 19, 2010

Shearing The Sheep

Something had to be done. School starts next week and they looked ridiculous. Only one of them (the LOUD one) looks good with longer hair, but helmets reign supreme 'round these parts until November... so something had to be done.

Bryon grabbed the clippers and we sheared them one at a time. For me they whine and cry about haircuts. For him? Sat still and quiet like football-playing men. Whatever.



They talked about boy stuff during the process. I went upstairs to clean during, but they were laughing and making noise downstairs. Butts, boobs, farts... you know. They bonded. Whatever.

The end result?


(photo by Coach L's lovely wife)


  1. Yeah, right. You just wanted more pix of B shirtless.

    (& thanks for sharing *wink*)

  2. ha ha I am laughing so hard at Kheli's comment :-)

    They look like serious football players now!

  3. Good looking boys. I hope they have a fun football season. And I barely looked at that bicep. Truly. It was just a peek. I have my own biceps here that I'm going to go attack. You just gave me the idea. ;P

  4. don't tell me that man is left-handed????? no wonder you're wild about him! i've got a thing for lefties~~ i married one. 33 years ago.

  5. The little boys look great. And I've gotta say I'm sad I haven't visited your blog in so long. If you are going to have more shirtless photos, I'll be here everyday. ;)

    It's good to see the boys 'bonding' so well.

  6. The boys don't look too excited about the hair cut, but I'm sure the conversation and bonding was worth it :)