September 14, 2010

Boy Bonding

I love these three men. Two little and one grown. I especially love the grown one for wanting to help grow up the other two.

One day, perhaps B will share with you how he came to understand that he wasn't meant to have boys of his own - until he was meant to have these two. How God knew exactly what his soul needed, just has He knew what Trevor and Andy needed. Like 3 puzzle pieces, these three.

I could tell you a million stories that all begin with a smack down on the living room floor and end up with someone flying through the air (usually Moo or H, but they aren't part of this post). I watch from the kitchen usually. B eats it with a spoon, the attention from these two.

There is a lot of boy bonding going on.

Now, with construction planned for the lower level of Bryon's house, the boys are alllllllllll about helping. Nails, hammers, and building stuff - OH MY!


And Dear B: Thank you will never be enough. I will shout it to God and I will say it to you - the blessing of you coming into our lives and bringing with you another soul is too precious for words. My heart overflows. Love you.

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