September 27, 2010

The Golden Girls Tradition

Does everyone know by now that I love The Golden Girls? I can't help it. I have such fond memories of watching the show with my mom when she was home recovering from her radiation and chemotherapy. We'd sit in her king sized bed and laugh and laugh (not that I understood all of the jokes at 7, thank God). I was just grateful that she was alive and sitting beside me.

Then when I was a teenager and she worked 3-11 as a nurse, she'd come home and we'd sit in the living room and enjoy a snack together, watching The Golden Girls. Some solid girl talk and memories right there. [In the spirit of keeping it real, we'd also watch Are You Being Served?, but this is not a story about that show.]

This show is mashed potatoes to me. Comfort food.

I own all of the seasons on DVD. All three of the kids can sing the theme song. Mindy and I regularly spit out Golden Girl one-liners into regular conversation. You could quiz me any day and I'm stomp your socks off on Golden Girls trivia. Not sure if I'm proud or humiliated by that, but either way, there you are.

And so it became a tradition that every evening after I picked the kids up from the sitters, the boys would take off on their bikes to their friend's house, and Moo and I would put together a snack.

Usually fresh vegetables, cheese, and hummus.

And you can bet I could barely get a bite in edgewise. Moo is allllll about the vegetables and cheese and hummus.


And then I would change my clothes into comfies and Mabel would ask for The Golden Girls. Every evening we'd sit on the floor in the living room and eat our snack and watch The Golden Girls.


Mabel snaps a snow pea while Rose and Dorothy prepare a song for the Miami theme song contest.



"Miami, you're cuter than... an interuterine..."

I love that this is something that I've continued with my own daughter. Quality time is found in unusual places sometimes.


  1. I was SO going to leave an interuterine comment!

    "Miami, Miami...You've got style"

    Love you both! Give my girl some birthday kisses. Miss you.

  2. Love that show. Such a sweet tradition! And goodness but that little girl of yours is gorgeous.