September 23, 2010

He Made Me Cry

The other day, B and I were emailing at work. (It's one of the plusses of working with someone you love - the accidental glance in the hallway, their voice in the middle of the day, the email that stops your breathing.)

I said: "I could easily choose to think about spreadsheets and email and roof shingles and every other overwhelming thing in front of us for every moment of every day, but instead I push some of those thoughts out to concentrate on what it feels like to love you. And I do it often because it keeps a smile on my face. And because my priority is loving you. And it also facilitates whirlies."

And then he said: "That is why you are my significant, highly demanded, beautiful, intelligent, hard-working, best mom, love of my life."

.... which made me cry sitting right at my desk.

1 comment:

  1. Very romantic and sweet. New love. I sure miss that. WINK