September 26, 2010

Home Style

I am continuing gather ideas on style for our home. I'm loving these (sources on my Tumblr, though most of the credit goes to Caitlin Wilson):

Still with the yellow, I know. Can't help it. Just screams HAPPINESS to me.

Am now thinking of this icy blue for the kitchen and dining room, though:

Still want the grey in the bedroom.

Hmmm... love.


  1. I wonder if you have ever seen these Rodney White canvas prints?

    This place had the best prices. I have the one with the cherries, cause I am a "red" person although I am thinking about the blue and lemon one for my blue bedroom.

    Totally changes my thinking pattern when I read these.

  2. I thought I liked the yellow until I saw the ice blue- wow to that. (and I still like the yellow)