September 14, 2010

Judy's Turn

Remember way back when I put a wig on Moo and said she looked like Judy?

PTO President, circa 1983?


Umm... yeah. I was SO NOT LYING.

I wasn't far off at all, unless of course you consider that the wig should have maybe been a little bit BIGGER.

mom me

Wow. White Rain hairspray!

mom me 2

Here Judy pours chocolate milk for moi. She was the super bestest mommy ever! And also: still with the hair that never moved in mach force winds.

mom me easter

Wowwww. Easter Sunday hair at Grandpa Paul's house. Still the same up top, maybe a bit poufier at the bottom. Super gorgeous my mom (thank you, Mommy for my cheekbones), but still the hair.

aug after reunion

Here is the culmination of Judy's hair. This is the 'do I most remember. Lots to be said about this picture - the acid washed jeans, my cousin David's red short-shorts, my nephew (in the front) looks like a punk, my oldest step brother has a mullet, my bangs are 4 inches high... yes, there was a lot going on here. And still, Judy's hair could kill someone.

It was a compliment, mom. Mabel looks gorgeous with your big hair. Just like you did.


  1. Moo is so cute! And you look just like your mum ( minus the big hair!). Do you think when we have adult kids they'll be laughing at our haircuts in the 2000's?