September 30, 2010

On My To Do List

Chili and cornbread (photo and recipe by Smitten Kitchen)

and vegetable beef minestrone soup (photo and recipe by Pioneer Woman).

Forgive me. I had a light lunch and am starving. Also, weather this weekend will be PERFECT for either of these options. Too bad I have no idea where my pots and pans are.

And Dear B: This morning I woke up with a biggest smile on my face, even though I fell out of bed twice last night within five minutes. Thank you for leaving our book on my coffee pot and agreeing to go steady with me forever. I love everything about your person. Always.

1 comment:

  1. yum...I made chili on Monday night and saw that minestrone recipe on PW...just think - pretty soon you will have a wonderful new home and a new hubby to cook for - can't wait for you - just continually smiling whenever I come to you blog now!!