September 20, 2010

Soaking It All In


This past weekend Bryon and I moved the freezer from my house to his house. While the kids and I will be living in an apartment until we are official, some of our things need to make their way to their new home.

As I drove behind B, I sat soaking it all in.

I soaked in this man moving me toward him, asking my children and me to be a part of him for always.

I soaked in the fact that the boys never want to ride with me anymore, always choosing to "just be boys" with Bryon.

I soaked in his dependable truck with 130,000 miles on it, which we later replaced the ball joints on together (okay, so I just removed and retightened 2 bolts, but I totally gave it hell).

I soaked in the gorgeous scenery and marveled at the beauty of God's great sky before me.

I soaked in the memory of God telling me that I needed to move exactly here.

I soaked in the fact that I really and truly must wash the bug guts off my window more often.


  1. Oh my God! Is this scenary from where you live? It 's wonderful! And... what do you mean by "official"???? Are you two... well... ..... ??????

  2. Needless to say, that is a gorgeous photo. What a beautiful sky to live under! And so much green!


  3. I can't wait to see the official picture's of this union between your two families!! I just can't wait!!!

  4. So sweet and mushy. LOL Seriously though my husband says that you two make a great couple and he is so happy for the both of you.