September 20, 2010

An Update On My One

I have written about the One a few times.

And I so know I have found my One.

But I have realized something since then. I should rephrase some of the things I have said because I now have a better way to explain the needs in my life.

First I should explain that B goes to a men's Bible study every other week. The last lesson was on the sanctification of marriage. It was a rough but amazing lesson (and if you know who Matt Chandler is, you know what I mean.) Something very frank occured to me while listening to that lesson with B. Something I already knew, but needed to be hit in the face with.

Jesus is my One. He always was and always will be.

Bryon is the right man for me BECAUSE I CHOOSE FOR HIM TO BE.


You can listen to the lesson here.

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  1. That's some good theology! Love me some Matt Chandler!