October 27, 2010

The Girls' Room


Here are some specific things I'm drawing inspiration from (and of course that the girls love):

Pictures from OhDeeDoh.

We finally decided on a wall color for the girl's room: SW Ash Violet. Very similar to the tone in the purple photo above; the chip is in the upper left corner of the inspiration board. I've never painted with purple and I have to admit, I am MOST EXCITED about this room!

I plan on hitting up this etsy dealer for pom poms when we're ready. In pink, white, and dark orange if you must know (playing off the orange in the Favor poster).

Both H and Moo will get their own twin beds and their own quilts. I'd like to find two white headboards. Originally we thought of having them share B's full size bed, but have decided instead to give them their own separate spaces. (Trevor will get the full bed, as he is the oldest and leaving for college first.)

Both girls have actively sorted through my fabric piles and have picked out these fabrics:

Which will be picked through again and then matched with the yumminess I just ordered from Etsy:

I have to admit something right now about quilting. I'm getting lazy. Well, actually I'm just taking on more things and in order to get the quilt out in time (my own internal deadline), I have decided not to use a pattern for the girls' quilts. I'm going to free myself up and just sew. If one of them ends up with a stack of strips and squares, so be it. If the other ends up with nothing but big huge blocks, so be it. They will be individual to my girls and of course have some sort of funk... some ruffle or ric rac. And that is plenty perfect enough for me.

It's getting exciting!


  1. absolutely love the color choices, I can see why you and the girls are excited! Perhaps you can find two twin headboards ata thrift shop or second hand and refinish both white, they don't need to match exactly. I love that the quilts will be similar yet different too!

  2. So sweet that they're going to share a room. Those colors are great.


  3. Love Heather Ross. The fabric is like silk it is so soft.

    I have some white with orange sea horses of hers. Interested?

  4. I found a tute once for those pom pom things, I'll dig it out for you if you fancy having a go yourself? I love the purple you're going with!

  5. Joy! So much joy in your life!

  6. You will like the purple. I got a bug in me once and painted my kitchen true and intense purple and it turned out great. Like a big amethyst.
    That princess and the pea stuff rocks.

  7. Check thrifts for vintage bed sheets. They are so soft and come in the absolutely coolest colors and patterns. I have a whole collection and plan to (one of these days) cut them all up for a summer bed quilt.