October 7, 2010

Glittery Purge and an English Lesson

Gotta dump the stuff in my head and centralize some images so I can search them later. [All credited properly on my tumblr.]

*THUD* Sorry. That was me falling out of my seat at the fantasticness of these boots. These alone are reason enough to have a winter wedding.

Polka dotted hot pink little girls' dresses with white arm muffs? Yes, please.

There. I feel better... glittery love purge complete for now. I'm very interested to hear your thoughts on the images. I love each of them so, so much.

We are deciding on some things, Bryon and I. When I know for sure, I will share - I promise. There is a lot for us to consider - and we want to do it exactly right. For now, you lot will have to live learning a tidbit at a time.

For example: What if I told you it will likely be outside? Under the falling snow? [Any excuse to wear these - seriously.]

And Dear B: Thank you for the English lesson last night. I can't wait to see (and hear) what you have in your head. But I think we both know where this has to happen and why.

pure adj \ˈpyur\
1a (1) : unmixed with any other matter (2) : free from dust, dirt, or taint (3) : spotless, stainless b : free from harshness or roughness and being in tune
2a : being thus and no other : sheer, unmitigated
3a (1) : free from what vitiates, weakens, or pollutes (2) : containing nothing that does not properly belong b : free from moral fault or guilt
4: having exactly the talents or skills needed for a particular role

clean adj \ˈklēn\
1a : free from dirt or pollution b : free from contamination or disease
2a : unadulterated, pure b of a precious stone : having no interior flaws visible
3a : free from moral corruption or sinister connections of any kind b : observing the rules
4: ceremonially or spiritually pure
5a : thorough, complete b : deftly executed : skillful c : hit beyond the reach of an opponent
6a : relatively free from error or blemish
7a : characterized by clarity and precision b: free from impedances to smooth flow

fresh adj \ˈfresh\
1a : having its original qualities unimpaired: (1) : full of or renewed in vigor : refreshed (2) : not stale, sour, or decayed (3) : not faded (4) : not worn or rumpled
2a : not salt b(1) : free from taint : pure (2) of wind : moderately strong
3a (1) : experienced, made, or received newly or anew (2) : another b: lacking experience : raw

white adj \ˈhwīt, ˈwīt\
1a : free from color b : of the color of new snow
3: free from spot or blemish: innocent
4b : marked by the presence of snow
5b : notably ardent : passionate

I so love the snow. For so many reasons.


  1. I agree. An outdoor snowy wedding is a good excuse to wear those boots!

  2. Reagan owns that pink skirt, the exact one!!!
    I love all the pics, but you know that!!

  3. I love the idea of an outside wedding!!!! With snow (even better). You go girl!

  4. What am I saying- you do not need an excuse to wear those boots!