October 27, 2010

Holiday Cards Are On My List

I have 2 things this year that I did not have last year:

I'm loving these this year. All from http://www.minted.com/.

Of course, I'll probably make my own. Maybe not. Maybe I'll be too busy painting and planning a wedding. Just sayin'.

Have you made your Christmas card list yet? How about this query: for those of you with blended families, do you send cards to BOTH parents' sides or just your new spouse's side? Wonder what that etiquette is exactly...


  1. I've always ent photos to both sides, hopefully the adults can deal with it, if not oh well. for me it was a matter of showing the kids I thought of us as one united group, all family!

  2. Rach it's a perfect day for me to check in with your blog. You send those cards to both sides. Ty is my boy through and through regardless of how I got him. We are ONE family, not some here and some there. My family knows and accepts this. Enjoy your extended family.