October 27, 2010

It Finally Happened

It was a gorgeous, Fall day. Perfect for a family photo session.

I'm so over the moon, I cannot speak. Literally cannot speak. My words quit and my eyes fill up with tears when I look at this family. So beautiful. So real and happy and knit together by God.

I am in awe that this family is mine.

I'm dying to know, which are your favorites?

Later I will share more information on the photographers...


  1. Beautiful scenery; I think the family pics are so cute. You could have shot in a closet. I love when families mesh. You just see the love amongst the craziness. Wishing you much more craziness. Have fun with your family.

  2. So happy for you. Weirdly enough I like all of the walking away shots the most, especially the least one where Moo looks likes she's skipping down the path. The one of the four kids sitting is precious too! They're all good!

  3. Rachel, you deserve this happiness. Your gratitude to God is inspirational to all of us. I am so happy for you and you & B are a model of Godly, Christian Love. Favorite pics? The children on the stairs(love M's raised up arms) and you & B kissing on the bridge. Your friend, Janelle in Maryland

  4. OMG! Can I just say that Andy looks just like you. And MABEL...She looks just like Judy in that picture!

    Love your sweet family.

  5. love all the photos, they'd make a great photo collage! so happy for all of you, God is so good!

  6. They are all beautiful, but my absolute favorite is Moo in the tree. I also really like the ones of you and Byron on the bridge! So happy for you.