October 18, 2010

It Was a Care Bear Princess Theme

Someone had a birthday (and danced it out to The Killers).

It was a Care Bear Princess theme (her request). Her cupcakes were made to order by Moi: pink with purple frosting and "sprinklers".

Despite the number on the cupcake, she is 17. Or she thinks she is, anyway.

She still allows me to call her Moo Moo anytime I want. She tells me that I'm her best friend every morning on the way into the sitter's house. She is darling at this age. Rotten, but darling. I love that her favorite ice cream is "squirrel" (swirl) with "sprinklers" (sprinkles) on top. She wears her electric purple and lime green Adidas "bouncy shoes" every day. She plays with Lucy (the horse that is bigger than she is), Two (the baby doll she's carried forever) and Five (H's brown bear that has been bearnapped) all day long. Barbies, too. She is so amicable and despite her age and the occassional tantrum, she is truly the most agreeable child I've ever met. Even no's are met with, "Awww, man" or "Okay, Mom." She is pure joy.
I am better because of her.


  1. happy birthday to your sweet princess! what an adorable darling she is :)

  2. Too cute! They grow up so fast. Looks like she had a great birthday party.

    My grandson Tyler's favorite ice cream is "Moose" meaning Moose Tracks, but any kind of ice cream in the chocolate-vanilla range is "Moose."

    I can't believe he'll be 2 already in just a few months!

  3. Awh so sweet! Sounds like you all had a great time.