October 8, 2010

Last Night I Met Her


[Bryon making peach/blackberry daiquiris in the pink kitchen, circa June/July 2010]

I met Bryon's ex-wife last night. She was at the football park for a playoff game, just like we were. They were on field D and we were on field A. For months now I have been praying for her and praying about meeting her, knowing it had to happen soon. Waiting on God's timing. I am satisfied with how it happened. Most importantly, I take immense joy in knowing that she now knows that I am very real. And very permanent. And that we are incredibly happy.

In fact, I really would like the opportunity to shake her hand, look her in the eyes, and ask her for coffee. After all, we will be raising a child in common. I'd like to be her friend. About that, I will continue to pray. I hear she's tracked down my email and blog, so perhaps I can invite her to a church coffee if I ever hear from her. I'm nothing if not polite, after all.

Bryon and I did this wholly important thing yesterday. Another enormous stone was set to anchor us. In this, we will never be bullied. In this, we are ONE. A team. It feels fantastic for that to click into place. We were happy and calm. Firm and unwavering.

Later after the game, B opened his Bible and we took turns reading random scripture. Hosea. Psalms 34. And then, my most favorite thing...

we latched hands, knelt to the ground with our knees touching, and kissed our foreheads together... and we prayed.

Where two or more are gathered, there He will be also.

We prayed for her. For Shoes. For us. I have never felt closer to Bryon than I did last night. He makes my life amazing.


  1. Silent happy tears for your blending family. What a winter this will be :)

  2. It takes a STRONG woman to want to be friends with an ex. A Godly woman, too.

  3. I think you are right in wanting to friends with his ex-wife. I am friends (not best of friends) but friends no less with my husbands girlfriend. I makes it much easier for everyone. I'll pray for your continued success.
    St Paul, MN

  4. Buck is the man! The search party is zeroing in on the deer! Love you!