October 22, 2010

The Living Room

So yes. I am a little... retentive when it comes to planning and organizing my home. [And the homemaking has started at OUR HOME already!] Is it obvious? It's funny because Bryon's actually the professional planner.

Disclaimer: Before I move forward, I need to clarify something right quick. I did absolutely commit to Dottie's Challenge of The Utmost Kind for this year - a challenge that promises to purchase only vintage housewares for an entire year. At the time, I had no idea that I would be getting hitched and moving into a new home, or that we would need to make that home our own together. You know, with things. Not a little piece here and there, but actually starting FRESH. I would like to tell you that we plan on decorating entirely with second-hand items, but I'm keeping it real and telling you that our home will be decorated with both vintage and new items. Hope you don't hate me. For everything we are bringing into our home, we take something to a donation center.

Now with that safely out of the way... want to see some plans?

Above is the inspiration board we've been working for the living room. The curtains are on their way to Da Plains from Anthropologie. I think I actually fell out of my chair when I saw them for the first time. Yellow, but not yellow. Happy. HAPPY!

The bulleted list on the inspiration board reads:

- Brown leather couch & loveseat
- Landscape print over TV (badlands, spearfish, etc)
- Hem sheers on window, behind Anthropologie curtains
- Make new quilt
- End table and C&B lamp from my living room
- Make throw pillow covers
- Pics of Larry and Richard in hall
- Need ottoman or coffee table
- BM Edgecomb Grey paint (color of the walls in the lower right corner of the inspiration board)

The girls and I bought the paint yesterday for the living room (BM Edgecomb Grey), dining room/kitchen (SW Jubilee - that grey/blue up there on the inspiration board), and Andrew's bedroom (SW Opaline). It's getting so exciting!


  1. Sounds like you guys are having a blast.

  2. How exciting, I'm so pleased for you! I would love to do another house from scratch - ours was a right state when we moved in four years ago and we are just now getting to apoint where we are happy with it. It is a 200 year old house though so it needed lots of plastering and things doing!

    Can't wait to see more plans, pictures and excited ramblings from you! Make the most of every minute!