October 6, 2010

The Morning Drive

Now that we've moved, our morning commute to work and school is about 25 minutes long. I remember doing this drive before. Not crazy fun in February, but you know - I actually love it. I love the time in the morning for worship in my car. I love that the boys have time to read while the sun comes up and mom is singing in the front seat. I love listening to Mabel talk to herself and point out the hundreds of horses and cows we pass.


I would like to share with you a typical morning drive.

First, this. The other morning I was singing along to All of Creation by Mercy Me (I've embedded a version with lyrics because I love them).

The speed limit on the interstate is 75. You book along, straight south. Corn on one side, the sun rising on the other. Mist in the air, fog but not. All beautiful and serene. Clouds are puffy and the sky.... oh my how I love the sky here. Every morning I love the sky. After the interstate, the paved road that leads into the little town where B and I work (and where the kids and I used to live).

More corn, this time on both sides of the road. Soybeans being harvested by busy farm equipment. Deer eating, pheasants flying. The animals know it's autumn and they are stirring. Frost is on its way.

"Mom, did you see that deer?" I looked to find it... hmpf. Dead on the side of the...

And then we passed a raccoon who had met the same fate.

And then, skunk. Phew.


Raccoon. It was a fat one.

Half a deer. Ick.

Cat. Awww, sad.



Skunk. Noticing a theme here? Swear to God the whole midwest's skunk population lives on my drive to and from work.

It takes a strong stomach to sing praise and worship and pass by (or over, as it were) all the dead animals on the road right now. Typical morning drive in Da Plains.

That is all.


  1. We are reading little house on the prairie and when you describe da plains it often reminds me of their time in the Dakota Territory.
    Did you read those as a little girl?

  2. wow, sounds like a road kill massacre! the worship sounds nice though!