October 11, 2010

What's That Smell?

Mabel is very advanced for her age in a lot of ways. She is tall, very coordinated (particularly considering she is my child - aka: clumsy as hell), and intelligent. But it is most notable in terms of her vocabulary.

She is extremely conversational, and don't you think for a second she can't keep up or understand what you're talking about when she's listening from two rooms away (hence the problem we've had with her saying "shit" in context).

She asks a million questions.

"Mama, where is Bryon?"

"Is he at my house?"

"Where are we going?"

"Mama, do I have food in My-hio? (Ohio)"

"Mama, what'a happen if I pull the legs off'a this bug?"

And no matter how I answer, she says back. "I know that." Hmmm. Another know-it-all.

Her most recent question: "Mama, what's that smell?"

I don't know if her smeller's finally kicked in or if she is highly olfactory like her aunt Lulu, but whatever it is she is the smellingest kid I've ever met. Twenty times a day, "Mama, what's that smell?"


Spaghetti noodles.




Doesn't matter, the kid is smellin' it and askin' about it. Forty eleven times.

On the way to work the other morning I heard her giggle. The boys giggled. She was tooting. Then came her usual question, "Mama, what's that smell?"

Andy, Trevor, and I answered her all at once, "IT'S YOU!"

She was quiet as she pondered that for a moment. "Mama, I stink."

Good thing her smeller works so well.

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