November 1, 2010

About Those Christmas Cards

Turns out, I had/made the time to do up some Christmas cards for this year. I swear, happiness breeds productivity, yo!

Yes, I could have uploaded the pictures to (and you can, too), but I have a hard time paying for something I can make so easily myself.

I created our card using a 5"x7" transparent canvas in Photoshop Elements - and built it from there. I'd encourage you to do the same! I believe you can download a free trial of PSE (or Paint Shop Pro, if you prefer) to try it out!

I have received a lot of comments about sending these cards to my ex-husband's family. On the one hand, I know they'd appreciate seeing the kids. On the other, would they appreciate seeing the kids as part of a new forever family? Do I care?

Again, thank you for your thoughts. Keep sending them! I'm still on the fence...


  1. great job on the cards! you are amazing :)

  2. If they expect a Christmas card from you, then send this one. I would not make up something different.. and so it goes.... ;)
    It would be nice to send pictures of the grandchildren separately, but the family photo belongs on the Christmas card.

  3. Unless they have indicated some kind of support for your new family, or interest in including all of you in the family, I wouldn't send it. I think I'd just send a picture of the kids or send nothing.

    Now, if your former in-laws seem interested in forming a new relationship with you, as part of your new life, well then of course you should send it. After my parents divorced, my paternal grandparents remained very close to my mother, and in that kind of situation it would be totally appropriate to send the family one.