November 10, 2010


Oh, the iPad. I originally wanted a Kindle for Christmas until I realized two things:

1) the Kindle only has a black and white screen and honestly, who wants to read a photo blog in black and white or try to follow one of Pioneer Woman's tasty recipes without full color (not that you can do that on a Kindle)? Not I... and,

2) the iPad is fully capable on iTunes, iBooks (their version of Kindle), YouTube, maps, email, calendar, and more - all in full color.... SWOON.


Oh, Honey.....

And Dear B: This morning I ordered my wedding boots. They are brown and delicious. Whether we decide on snow or sand, I have them in hand. Or will in a week. This makes me incredibly happy! Thank you for standing up to your Shoes, for transforming your home into our home with me, and for being so in tune with my needs. I will never forget your face as you told me you'd never loved anyone more... so sweet. I, too, have never loved or committed more. And thank you for swooping in at the exact right moment to hug Number One last night, as he struggled at bedtime worrying about those he loves not going to Heaven. You are already leading. You are amazing. And yes, Number One is getting smelly armpits.


  1. This post makes me happy, and gives me hope of something better.

  2. We have an iPad, i'm on it right now! I love it. And the best thing about it is iPhoto. It's great to be able to slip the pad into your bag so you can show everyone your holiday snaps... Or you wedding snaps... Or your honeymoon snaps! Make sure you get the little adapter so you can download your photos straight to the iPad.

    Hope Santa brings you what you wish for! X

  3. oooh, I do love the Pioneer Woman, too.