November 8, 2010


My friends, do go and pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea or... something soothing. A Malibu Diet? Whatever. Do go and get comfy. Read this (free) wonderful digital magazine called Gifted. Read and savor and swoon every page of this lovely, lovely creation. This is a beautiful magazine put together by an amazing, ordinary person (what inspiration that is!) to help the lot of us out there who prefer to make and gift handmade this holiday season.

So, so beautiful. Enjoy!

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PS: No endorsement for me here... I was just truly so moved to print and take this sucker with me to lunch last week, to sit and peruse each page with sticky notes and a pen... casually soaking in all of the beauty and craftiness, pausing only to breathe and allow the thoughts to overflow. I've gone to bed with it every night since.

1 comment:

  1. I looked through it the other day but need to find the time to really go through it soon - I loved it!