November 1, 2010

Halloweekend Painting

I would love to tell you that I spent hours planning and executing an adorable Halloween party, chock full of brains and eyeballs in glass jars (the egg kind, I mean), novel costumes, pumpkins along the drive, and spooky lanterns on the porch. Bats and music and haybales. Pictures to tell the story.

But I cannot tell you that because instead, I spent hours painting this weekend.

Warning: Tangent Ahead. Have I ever talked about painting on this blog? I mean seriously painting? Have I ever mentioned that I am incredibly good at painting... because I have done so much of it? On my resume: 4,100 sq ft in Ohio (yes, you read that right - and you can bet your ass I did several of the rooms twice), about 1,200 sq ft in our small-town home here, and now, B's house. OUR house. I'm great with paint. I LOVE to paint. Painting is therapy to me.

When B and I starting scheming about making his home our own, we played with several colors. He did give me the lead there, but given the fact that he is PICKY, I can assure you he had very much to do with the choosing.

On Friday we began by painting the first strip together, hand in hand. It was Bryon's idea and one that tickled my heart. We were so dedicated to making the rooms our own this weekend that we barely looked up to eat, even. How the children did not burn that house down I do not know. (Actually I do know; they were fat and happy with snacks and movies and toys.)

We started in the living room with the Sherwin Williams-matched BM Edgecomb Grey. 3 gallons later and the living room is complete, including the ceiling.

I painted the entirety of the walls. Bryon took care of a few other things that needed doing and let me do my thing. Then he came in and painted the ceiling, God love him. I took a break and snapped pictures of his yummy self on a ladder. Just sayin'.

Then I moved on to the hallway, hall ceiling, and foyer while B did the ceiling in the kitchen and dining room. Had a glass of wine and took another picture.

Yesterday afternoon, I put the final nail in the ex's decorating coffin, so to speak. I primed and painted the kitchen and dining room. Red? What red?

This picture is post-primer only. I assure you, it looks even more transformational with the actual paint (Sherwin Williams Jubilee).

Our curtains came in on Friday, too, but we're not hanging them until these rooms are done. Then we will take some pictures to share. I can tell you that the subtle change to Edgecomb Grey in the living room and Jubilee in the kitchen/dining room has made the light in the house phenomenal. It was great before, but a bit dark. Now? Poifect.

So, I finally showered and scraped the paint off of my glasses and elbows - and we took the kids to Bryon's sister's house. It was great. Glass of wine, sloppy joes, and 7 bouncing kiddos. We walked a few blocks and brought home more candy than ever. They had a blast and so did I, holding Bryon's hand and walking with my new family through our first autumn holiday together.

And mom, please forgive me when I tell you that I did not get a single picture of our 4 dressed for spooking. The camera was left at home. Trevor and Andrew were zombies, Mabel was a Barbie princess (wearing sweats and a stocking cap - her preference), and H was a bride. There you are.


  1. so much fun watching you make this your home together! by the way, I too am the painter in our family, I love painting, it's very zen!

  2. I wandered here from Cjane's blog & I wanted to say that I love to paint also, as long as I can do it without two sets of baby hands getting into it...which means painting at my house is a very slow process. I wish you were my neighbor & I'd just let you come over & finish up for me!