November 8, 2010

Happy Monday, Yo

Well, we didn't make it to Omaha, but I am not dismayed. Oh no. We had quite the weekend and honestly, B tickled my heart in about a dozen ways that just might not have happened had we gone off to Nebraska.

Allow me to share?

On Saturday I had an itch to start on scarves for Christmas. They're quick to make and I can't wait to share some handmade love with the women in my life this year. Off to Michael's we went. I came home with enough to keep me busy for a while. That night, I started on one for Bryon's niece. We were on the couch and I sat between Bryon and his daughter. She sat beside me and watched in awe; no one had ever crocheted in front of her before. (Lord have mercy when she sees me quilt!) What has become a common, soothing habit for me was like Christmas morning to her. I can't wait to teach her! I was in the creating zone, but from time to time I'd glance up and see either Bryon or his daughter watching my hands in awe. It was so sweet!

When I neared the end of my skein some hour later or so, we discovered a knot. Bryon grabbed up that yarn and spent more than thirty minutes unwinding that knot for me, one strand at a time. He had his hands all up in that pink and purple yarn, feeding me an inch at a time.

His daughter helped. (Of course my 3 were there, too, but they're long bored with mom crocheting.) I sat and marveled at him so engrossed in helping me create. Watching how intent he was on getting that knot out so that I could keep going. He CARED. He WANTED to help me do my thing. Hmmm... so that is what the opposite of helping him replace the ball joint on his truck feels like. It feels amazing.

Sunday after church again found us banging through the list of things transforming his house into our house. We completed all but one corner (vaulted ceiling in the entry that's waiting for a borrowed extension ladder) of the painting! It looks amazing. Nothing like before. We put away more of our boxed things (linens, toys, kitchenware) and made another HUGE pile to donate.

Another thing on my list for this holiday season is to finish the four quilts I have in different stages of progress for my FOUR CHILDREN (Seriously, when did I become exactly the mother I always wanted to be, I ask you? When? The lady with sooooo many kids who walks through the supermarket to rolling eyes? The mom who has to remain desperately organized in order to keep everyone's school papers straight? The lucky duck with two boys and two girls? Boy Howdy, God is good!). Did I mention that all of my fabric was in a very heavy bin on top of the loft in Bryon's garage? Indeed it was. So Bryon climbed up there, popped the lid off and grabbed a stack at a time to hold up for me to see. One by one I audited the fabric. "Yes, toss me that one. Nope, nope, nope, YES!" and one by one, he tossed those yummiest down to me. Considering my collection, it took more than 30 minutes. He touched every piece of fabric I own. He touched every piece of fabric. He had a smile on his face the whole time, though I am sure it was hot up there and he was contorted in a way that was not altogether comfortable, but still - for me - he went through that fabric so that I can work on the quilts for our children's Christmas. Now let's just pray I find the time to work on each of them. [There is a separate post coming on this.]

Sunday evening we moved three dressers up from the basement. We hung the new curtains in the living room. We went to the grocery store and ate HyVee chinese food for dinner. It was the most fantastic weekend.

And now it is Monday. On my list of things to do today:
  • Find out how to return the boys' football uniforms that are still laying in the back of my car despite my numerous efforts to drop them off (seriously, can they not put someone at the office at the end of the season for just this purpose?)...
  • Order canvas prints for the house from ScrapbookPictures (these are 25% off right now)
  • Pick up ladder from builder and finish painting entry corner while Bryon rewires the speakers
  • Put away more boxes from the basement

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