December 28, 2010

And The Invitations Go Out...

I was inspired by so many things when it came to our invitations, but most of all pine trees - so prevalent here and in The Black Hills of our state. I have never been, but Bryon grew up among them, camping and hunting and fishing with his late father. Seemed so appropriate.

We plan to exchange vows - yes, outside - in the snow. On a bluff covered in snow and overlooking forests full of pine trees. With me in a dress (a dress dress because my heart just had to after all - more on that later) and him in jeans. So perfectly us.

I may be the first ever bride to mail her wedding invitations out before the ring is on her finger (anytime, custom jewelry store...anytime now!), but... we don't ever do things the typical way. I'm 1,000% okay with that.

And Dear B: Thank you x 1,000,000 for the best Christmas ever with the kids and your loving mug in my face. Four kids opening presents was one of the best presents ever. Thanks also for getting gooey and watching a chick flick with me, too. If it's the first one you've watched in a decade, then I feel very lucky; I didn't even have to twist your arm! Kisses forever.


  1. Congrats!! How exciting!

  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooooooooooooooo happy for the two of you. And for your children. I am so happy to be following your story. You all give me such joy and hope and faith. My love to your beautiful family, dear Rachel. Ohhhhh so good!!!!!

  3. "like" very, very, much.