December 21, 2010

And So It Was

... that I turned 34.

Bryon whispered a quiet "Happy Birthday" as I awoke and sang "Happy Birthday" as I fell asleep.

Somewhere in the middle of those sentiments, we had a fantastic day. It was a day that I didn't have to create myself. Now, the 2 new tops that I ordered for myself from Outofline showed up in the show, but that was an accidental happiness.

The kids made me cards and - all four of them - hugged me to pieces all day long. They sang to me in the car. So sweet!

And when we couldn't get a sitter to go out, we stayed in.

Oh boy, did we stay in. We had over two of our closest friends, Joe and Jess, and made crablegs, asparagus with lemon, and garlic mashed potatoes. Know what that was? An exact recreation of the first meal we ever cooked together, almost one year ago.

And the boys cleaned up after, which was a present in and of itself.

The kids were good.

It was a wonderful, blessed birthday. I am so grateful. What a year in my life this has been! Thank you, Christ Jesus!


  1. Happy birthday, girl!!!! Wishing you all the best! It is such a blessing for me to read about your thoughts and feelings, to see photos of your wonderful, godly family! Happy birthday!

  2. Well a very Happy Birthday to you! Everyone deserves a special and happy day.
    Love your blog by the way, it's at the top of my daily readers :)

  3. I'm glad you had a such a joyous birthday! JC HAS been good to you. (and I'm talking about Jesus Christ, not J. Crew. ;)