December 7, 2010

Double HOLLA

It is Tuesday, Blog Friends. And I do apologize for going mute for a few days. Happened without my paying attention. Whoops!

This weekend was nice and full of very exciting things. Some of full of sparkle, others of sawdust.

Saturday afternoon we drove through the hills near our town (and passed 3 crosses atop one of them) and arrived at a very lovely snowy location where we plan to swap some very important promises. Ahem. HOLLA! Then we drove on to what we believe will be the spot for our denim reception. Double HOLLA!! So fun!

Our company Christmas party was also Saturday. It was at the same place as last year, however, things were very different then. Last year I sat with friends and stared at someone in the back corner. He wore his glasses and a grey argyle sweater vest. He was still somewhat new to me, but we were already flirty. I was still attempting to date the viking, but I could not stop hyperventilating every time Bryon walked by. It was before Tomato Soup day, but I was already on my way to being in love with him. Poor viking never stood a chance. This year, Bryon and I walked through the door hand-in-hand and sat, together, with his hand on my knee the entire night. It was dreamy and swoony!

Sunday brought Bryon all-crazy downstairs with a pile of 2x4's and some weird guy bullet gun... and me all-crazy in the kitchen making roast beef with all the fixin's, corn bread, and homemade (with help from 4) Christmas bark. HOLLA!

photo by Baked Bree

[As a side note, I didn't have the double boiler requested in the recipe, so instead used one of my handy vintage Pyrex bowls inside of a saucepan and made a double boiler... worked like a charm despite my constant worry that I'd break it.]

I also finished and started another scarf.

I finished Christmas shopping for all but one of our kids.

I attempted to work out some way for my 3 to see Shoes this winter... I'd love your prayers to (let's see how to put this in a classy way) facilitate discussions about that. It's hard and it's painful for reasons I won't discuss here (Hello, Shoes), but I will absolutely ask you all for prayer for myself and the kids. And for Shoes.

It was a lovely weekend. Yesterday and the majority of this week will be absorbed with Christmas and Nana's visit on Friday. We're planning a hot chocolate Christmas light drive, I am planning a roast chicken, and Bryon and The Boys are planning to frame allllllll weekend. Since I'm feeding The Boys, that also means I'm planning some serious food for them, too. Ooh, I can't WAIT!

And Dear B: You have no idea what it meant to me to be with you this Thanksgiving, what feeling Christmas enclose me feels like holding on to you, or what it meant to know my sons went with you to order the ring. You are a man unlike any I have ever known. You ask for opportunity after opportunity to show the children and I how very much you love us. This morning as I drove to work I listened to the radio and I heard a story of a man - a stepfather - who realized his own life mirrored that of Christ's earthly father, Joseph. Jesus was not his flesh, but was his son to raise anyway. His child to shepherd through life. He never took God's place in Jesus' young life, but was there on earth for Jesus in a different capacity. Joseph could have easily cast Mary aside when she was pregnant, but did not - and instead had FAITH in HER. His love for her and his faith IN her carried him past his insecurities. (Of course the angel didn't hurt either, but I'm making a point here.) THANK YOU for making me smile this morning as I realized how blessed we are. How beautiful and unique our exact situation is. I love you forever.


  1. man, tears and goosebumps on that last part - and praying for you all!!

  2. praying for facilitation...

  3. It is really exciting to hear about your wedding plans - I bet the children are getting excited!