December 8, 2010

A Fantastic Job

Picture taken last weekend. Please note the tiny toes and the two stuffed friends that are enjoying a snack with our girls. Is it not the cutest?

Last night was the boys' Christmas performance at school. Both did a fantastic job not picking their noses or farting during any pauses in the music. Mabel did a fantastic job at both picking her nose and farting during all parts of the performance, which really lessened the indoor air quality in that tiny gymnasium, let me tell ya. She is such a little lady, my girl.

On my list to do yet this week:
Make a list of all of the online-ordered gifts, so as to track their arrival at the front door
Clean house
Empty remaining items from the basement so boards can go up
Grocery stock up for:
  • sloppy joes for The Boys
  • overnight chicken a la BakedBree
  • porkchops and wild rice
  • fruits and veggies for grazing
  • monkey bread for morning with Nana
  • diced tomatoes and fresh basil for tomato soup
Find vintage plate set(s) that both Bryon and I love
Finish Christmas shopping for the Moo
Figure out when I'm going to wrap presents
Book reception venue (HOLLA!)
Print out other wedding idea files to discuss with mom
Take "after" pictures of the living spaces our house

I know the list is long. My lists are always long. And this doesn't even include the trip to Savers to find black sweatpants that I can alter into skinnies OR the 4 quilts that need finishing. Or even the packaging I need for wrapping up all the scarves i'm making. See. Even longer list now.

Really what I feel like doing is curling up into a ball, nestled into Bryon's side on the couch and crocheting while we watch a cozy movie. How's come I can't do that 24-7? What if I said please?

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  1. You are all in my prayers. All the best for your wedding plans and the holidays!!!!