December 16, 2010


Know what I just realized? I posted my Things I Love Thursday on Wednesday. What confuses me even more is that I tried purposefully to spend the week building the list and then - voila - publish on Thursday.

What a dumbass I am sometimes. Geesh.

So here I am on the actual Thursday. With nothing to tell you other than I BOUGHT SOMETHING FOR THE WEDDING TODAY AND I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED! There. Bettah.

Did you know that Bryon and I are still not officially engaged? Not. We do have a date and an officiant, and a venue, and are planning the invitations and the reception. And I am going to wear a dress afterall (just not a traditional one) - SQUEE to that! We aren't officially engaged yet because he's refused to act outside of the just the right circumstances. So, I'm in suspense still! It's nervewracking, but fun! You know, he always does something for the truest of reasons. Love him so.

Also, it is with sad eyes that I remind myself that my birthday is indeed in two days. Wish I was turning 29. Though, it promises to be perhaps the best birthday I've ever had this year... I can't wait. Bryon took the boys shopping last night for me (after spending a confessed 30 minutes on this very blog, he said - so maybe my Things I Love trigger finger wasn't so bad afterall!). Now that's a foreign concept to me. I literally feel like a kid in a candy store.

Lulu and I talked wedding all day today. [What, you can't keep up with the subject switch and tangents? Sorry. My brain does this routinely. I'm just typing in thought order for once.] We talked about the schedule and when she's coming in, about my mom and the invitations. We aren't having a large ceremony. Most everyone will only be invited to the reception. I wanted the wording to feel just right. I promise to share eventually.

But that purchase. Oh sweet honey, that purchase. Did you know that J. Crew is offering an additional 30% off of their sale items? I'm just saying one could definitely find the casual dress of one's dreams by accident on there, you know. If you were looking, that is. And for a price that would make anyone excited. J. Crew on my wedding day. Yeah, I'm not surprised.

Accidental dress + jeans + boots and snow and snowhats = MAGIC

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