December 14, 2010

Is it Hump Day Yet?

Oh it's hump day, alright. Just not Wednesday.

Confused yet? Sorry.

So, today and tomorrow Bryon and I are going to sit down and wedding plan. I'm so excited! I don't plan to announce by blog exactly when we are getting married just because both of our exes read this thing and because there might be some monster reading it who wants to break into my home and steal my Golden Girls DVD collection while we're out, tying the knot. And that would be tragic.

Will you settle for knowing that snow will be on the ground? And it is less than 100 days away? Oh my yes. There you are. And, of course, you know I'll be sharing after. There will be blog changes after, too. I mean, hello!?! Can't be rachelcoxdesigns anymore now can I?

So on the table for discussion:

  • Confirmation of reception venue
  • The band
  • Food
  • Photography
  • Cake discussion

    On my moodboard for this most important shindig:
    by Doug Miranda

and Justin Hackworth


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