December 21, 2010

New Christmas Tradition

The father-in-law that I will never meet had a thing every Christmas. A thing that now Bryon has brought into us every Christmas.

Elvis blaring on the stereo (and this year we listened while I was cooking, which was oh, so content) and Tom & Jerry drinks. His old man wore his favorite scratchy Christmas sweater and had one of these in his hand every Christmas day... so we had to make them. I had to try it. I suppose it was an initiation of sorts.

It's a local thing, I'm told... Tom & Jerry's. It is batter with egg, nutmeg, and sort of "noggish" ingredients. And of course the splash of brandy. You stir with a cinnamon stick and sip until your heart's content. I'm not a fan of the taste myself, but Larry was with us that night for sure.

New Christmas traditions are wonderful when they include love, good music, and memories of loved ones passed.

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