December 2, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

1. French tunic from Isabelamyo on Etsy. Holy heavens, I love this shop. Oh la la!

2. Gorgeous neck wraps from Tortillagirl on Etsy.

3. Warm & Natural cotton batting... you could never go wrong with this. If you quilt, I mean.

4. The Lacie from Victoria's Secret. Every girl should have one... or five.

4. Latte Bowls (my fave is the Retro assortment) from Anthropologie.

5. Polaroid 600 film. Cheapest I can find is on Amazon.

6. Burberry Brit Sheer perfume, which I found at Sephora online.

7. ANYTHING (in size large for moi) from Outofline on Etsy. Except this shirt, because I just ordered the last one. Couldn't help it. I cannot express how much I love this shop.

8. Recycled wood signs (gosh, I love them all) from WilliamDohman on Etsy. I would love to commission a cursive sign from him that says "blessed".

9. The Yorkton Scarf by Ozetta on Etsy. I adore all of her things.

10. Embroidered artwork by ThreeRedApples on Etsy.
So, I'm aiming to do a weekly post on some of my favorite things from around the web. It's a new feature that I love reading on other blogs, so consider me atop the bandwagon there. And, to be honest - Christmas is a-comin' and it wouldn't be a terrible idea to hint at what I would love to find under my tree. Honey...?


  1. Okay, on the Lacie? I'm just going to go out on a limb and say that that would *not* be attractive on every body. Or, maybe just mine. ;-)

    I like everything else, though. You've got great taste!

  2. Oh this morning, I'm so happy to see I'm here featured in your blog !
    And I tell you : Thank you very much !!! I'm honored... :)

  3. I NEED that little car embroidery! Love, love, LOVE!!