December 17, 2010

This One Is Dedicated To My Pal, J.Crew

Remember when I went on and on and on about my love for the Gap? Yeah. Well J.Crew called and was PISSED. Boy howdy!

Truth is, we don't have a J.Crew store here in Da Plains (which is a damn good thing probably). If we did, Gap wouldn't stand a chance... unless J.Crew didn't have my size in something.

Now I realize that J.Crew is pricey, Folks. And I am not loaded by any means. The trick is that you have to know how and when to shop there. They put almost everything on sale. And they have sales often. But I hunt for coupon codes online like a madwoman. That dress I bought yesterday was almost $300. I got it for $35. Lulu was my witness! I caught a sale, and a discount on top of the sale. If you watch what you love, you'll score - that's my point.

My other trick is to use it for ideas and then go find the item somewhere else, like Target. Yes, really. I might buy one nice piece from J.Crew (cardigan or a skirt) and then find the tee and the tights at Target. Who can tell once it's all put together?!

J.Crew started for me in 1992. I remember because that was the year I met my best friend in my new school. 10th grade. She had a J.Crew catalog and her dad bought her one or two things by mail every Christmas. I lemmed big time. Then my dad asked me what *I* wanted for Christmas. So I had a J.Crew catalog sent to his house, and he bought me one or two things by mail for Christmas that year. And every year for a few years. Well, until I got old enough to do it myself.

Then a J.Crew store was built in our local mall and after I fainted every day for a week, J.Crew became my favorite habit. (I did stop at Gap while on the way, I can't lie.)

I had their classic rugby. Their rollneck sweater in several colors. Their red, one-piece trapdoor pajamas (those were a hit in highschool on pajama day, let me tell you). I realized they made talls in every pant, which was a dream come true for me. Then I bought my first J.Crew suit. Wow. Tremendous.

Now I love it because it's classic and timeless. The things that I bought in 2003 both fit and flatter me still. So the investment - however much it is - is worth it. J.Crew is workweek and weekend. (Part of that is because I like to mix and match sweats and tees and business wear.) I feel like myself most when I'm wearing it. My favorite thing about J.Crew's style is that it is so diverse. You can make it your own so easily and not conform to anyone else.

I have to do things differently. I am confident in my style at this point in my life; I love to mess things up on purpose. The JUXTAPOSITION of classic and sport - soft with rugged - pearls with jeans. Handmade with coutoure. THAT is me.

Solid colors, usually black or gray. A hint of sparkle is nice, too.
Must look fantastic with both sweatpants and dress pants.

I love you, J.Crew. I mean, not as much as my Hunky Dunky or my mama. And definitely not even close to the other, most important J.C. - but you're right up there.

And yes, I am doing everything I possibly can to not order these most darling skinny loungepants for Christmas. Must.... have.... willpower.

Or not.


  1. I love J Crew too! Unfortunately, I'm fluffy and I can't wear their clothes, but I do love finding deals for my slender lovely nieces!

  2. I agree, a few classic pieces are well worth every penny spent on them, and the reality is, if you DON'T have a boatload of cash you are always better off getting less for more! I have a blazer I bought from J. Crew 2 years ago that I will have forever!!! And, like you I got a discount on a sale price etc....(