February 4, 2011

Come A Little Closer

I know I've told you about the first night that Bryon and I went out. How he brought a wing man (don't laugh; I had a posse, too). How we played pool for hours. How I wore my chucks and a long sleeve grey tee shirt. He had on a plaid button down.

We didn't kiss that first night, but we danced and danced and danced. The entire night he kept waiting to request a song from the DJ that was tucked in the corner of the little bar. He never did get to make a request. Later I asked him what song he would have asked for.

"Come A Little Closer, by Dierks Bentley," he said.

If you know that song, you know it's swoony.

So this year, in celebration of our established tradition - and also for his birthday, I just bought tickets to go see this guy.

Mr. Dierks Bentley himself.


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